Virtual Training Archives

“Green Juice Therapy” with Lisa Wilson, CHHC of the Raw Food Institute





“Fatigued to Fabulous: Harnessing the Power of the Wake-up Call” with Laurie Erdman, CHHC, of Chronic Wellness Coaching





“Marketing is the Art and Science of Connection” with Nisha Moodley of Fierce, Fabulous and Free







“Supercharge Your Business With Networking” with Laurie Erdman, CHHC of Chronic Wellness Coaching





“The Ins and Outs of Blog Design and Consulting” with Cory Gallant, owner of Zesty Blog Consulting. He covers: the impact of great design, building your list, common mistakes with blogging and the value of a business site coupled with a blog.






Lisa Wilson, CHHC and founder and president of the Raw Food Institute, talks about partnering with a wellness center, doing talks and presentations and converting prospects into clients.





Building a Foundation for Success” with Andrea Beaman, CHHC

Andrea dishes on her home life, daily routines and relationships that help her run a successful business.





“Talking Toxins: The Biggest Missing Piece In Your Health Coaching Practice” with Lara Adler, CHHC