Navigating the Farmer’s Market

April 18, 2014
tomatoes at market

Navigating the Farmer’s Market By Cindy Santa Ana, CHC Most grocery store food is full of chemicals like BHT, BHA,TBHQ, HFCS, MSG, neurotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. So how do we eat well and nourish our bodies with healthy food? Well, thankfully, it’s now Farmer’s Market season – my favorite time of […]

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The Root Cause Of Your Anxiety with Christine Krieger

April 15, 2014
robin shirley

All of a sudden I have become much more aware of when I am stressed, anxious and fearful – and intent on reducing these negative mental and physical responses to life! It all came into greater focus this month for me. Anxiety is like poison in our veins. It stimulates all the wrong kinds of […]

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When Your Child Is Diagnosed With Chronic Disease – Advice From My Mother

April 11, 2014
robin shirley

Today was a special day – we connected with my mother on today’s episode of Take Back Your Health Radio! As you all know, my family has been instrumental in getting me through the emotional and physical challenges of autoimmune dis-ease. My mother is such a well-balanced and insightful person and I wanted her to […]

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Berries and Cream Quinoa Porridge

April 8, 2014
berries and cream quinoa breakfast porridge

This was not an easy recipe to create. I wanted a really tasty breakfast that kids and adults would get into and one that didn’t take a lot of time to prepare. It took a lot of experimenting, and what I ended up with was a very delicious breakfast that can be made on the […]

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Maple Cashew Fudge

April 4, 2014
cashew maple fudge raw vegan

Made with coconut oil, raw honey, nut butter – it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo and much easier to make than the stuff with sugar and butter! I just taught this recipe at the recent Take Back Your HealthTM Nourishing Desserts cooking class. Everyone was amazed by how easy and quickly this fudge came together – we […]

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July Member of the Month: Quincy Jackson

July 30, 2013
Quincy Jackson

IHCA: Can you tell us about your proudest or most exciting moment with a client? QJ: One of my proudest moments as an aspiring health coach is when I used a few methods to help one of my colleagues lose over 30 pounds and people would always ask who helped him get that astonishing look in […]

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Giveaway: Custom Logo Design & $100 Off a New Website

July 14, 2013
Kim Mahan

Over the past year, the biggest complaint we have heard from health professionals is the cost and confusion that comes with building a custom website. Many of you are using a website template that doesn’t do what you want it to do. And it is causing daily frustration and stress because you could be taking […]

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May Member of the Month: Elaine Gibson

June 9, 2013
Elaine Gibson

IHCA: What is your area of expertise and what kind of client do you coach? EG: At Renewed Living we specialize in helping folks that are truly committed to a disease free lifestyle. As a Stage IV Cancer victor, this information is paramount. We emphasize the importance of and how to create an alkaline lifestyle. Raw foods […]

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Your Mission and Message: Getting Clear

May 29, 2013
Beach Fire Sky

Do you know what your business mission is and what message you want to share with the world? If you are not 100% clear, you need to get there in order to be able to create a successful and abundant business. The mission and message are the very foundation of your business! The Mission Stop […]

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My Experience at the Take Back Your Health Conference

May 2, 2013

written by Jennifer O’Neill This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Take Back Your Health Conference, an amazing event organized by the International Health Coach Association LLC.  The conference was inspiring and uplifting, especially because I was in an environment with like minded people, and I learned about so many new things! My […]

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