About Us

The International Health Coach Association LLC provides continuing education and business support for health coaches around the globe in the areas of nutrition, healthy lifestyles, health coaching, business administration and marketing.

Our specific goals and actions are to:

  • Provide continuing education opportunities for health coaches in the areas of nutrition, holistic health, mind/body connection, therapeutic lifestyles, business and marketing, etc
  • Create events where health coaches can network with other health coaches and with others who are interested in the holistic health field.
  • Use our audience to promote the work that health coaches do. Part of your membership fee goes towards getting ads into international publications!


You can learn more about what we provide for our health coach members here: www.IHCAssociation.org/membership

Learn more about what a health coach is or how to become a health coach here.

You can find a health coach from our most involved member base here.